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Even though ADSL speed is getting better and better, it still takes too long to transfer files between users.

If you want to send a friend a ZIP file with the pictures from their birthday party, a camping trip, or a concert you went to together, there aren't a lot of great options for doing so: you can try by email, which is always complicated, upload it to a private server and give your friend the link, send it via MSN or give it to them on a CD. In short, these are all a waste of your time.

Swapper is a tool developed by the creators of Wambo, which lets you share files quickly, easily and safely. The files you send using this application are uploaded to the program's server, and the contacts with whom you share it will receive an email with a download link.

Swapper gives you a faster upload, thanks to how it compresses data, and a faster download, thanks to P2P technology.
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